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Setup IPTV Subscription on your MAG 250/254/256

This tutorial will help you to setup your IPTV subscription on your MAG Box

Note: this Setup Configuration work for all MAG Boxes (infomir products)

  • MAG322 / MAG323
  • MAG324 / MAG325
  • MAG254 / MAG255
  • MAG256 / MAG257
  • Premium Set-Top Box MAG351 / 352

in this tutorial, we will use MAG 256 and it’s the same for all Mag boxes

Here we go!

  1. Go Menu/Settings
    Home Menu Setting Mag Box
  2. System setting
    System setting mag boxes
  3. Click “Portals”
  4. Now in the portal section, you have to fill out the fields within the information below or those which you received in your email after purchasing your IPTV Subscription
    it’s something like:

    Portal 1 name : IPTVmobi
    Portal 1 URL :
    portals name and url

  5. then press ok from your remote control to save and reboot your MAG Box

    restart portals


if you need any further inforamtion please feel free to contact us at We’ll be happy to help you

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